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Pedal Play - Kanata North 2016

Why don’t you bike?


I have had a few aha moments related to biking lately…

  • a parents mentioning that their child did not know how to bike. Although they are a very active family, biking was not a priority for them
  • the sidewalk is the preferred option instead of the bike lane due to fast and distracted driving
  • there are too many stop sighs, roundabouts thus making it very dangerous
  • everyone is in a rush and no one knows what to do drives and bikers alike

How do you learn how to bike?

I took a random, unscientific poll and the result was always the same. Your mom or dad teach you to bike when you are a kid. So what happens if your mom or dad don’t teach you how to bike. What happens when you are well into adult hood and the last time you rode a bike was when you were a kid?

Where can you learn to bike?

What if we were to have a fun event where everybody was taught basic bike safety, how to ride alongside the road, what to do as a driver when you see a biker?





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