Pedal Play - Kanata North 2016

Names are important

We were thinking of names for the event and here are a few that we were considering.

  • Pedal Playdate / Rencontre à pédale
  • Pedal Play / À vos pédales
  • Cycle Discovery / Cyclo/Découverte
  • Adventures on the bike trails / Aventures en pistes cyclables
  • Let’s Bike Together/À bicyclette ensemble
  • Great Ride / Quelle Rendonnée
  • You can bike too / Tu peut conduire un bicycle aussi
  • Pedal in <<location>> / Pédalons à <<location>>
  • The Kanata Kids Caper
  • Kanata Kids Can Bike Too / Enfants de <<location>> Peuvent allez en vélo aussi
  • The <<location>> Bike Romp
  • <<location>> Bike Round-up
  • <<location>> Bike Rodeo / Rodéo en Vélo à <<location>>

It took a bit of back and forth and in the end we settled for something fun.

Pedal Play and in French À vos pédales


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