Pedal Play - Kanata North 2016

Why go through the trouble of organizing a Mobile Bike Rodeo?

Expansion of cities are inevitable and the need to balance the transportation needs of the people within them have become a huge challenge. Should more lanes be added for vehicles? If so what will be the impact to the others using these roads e.g. pedestrians and bikers.

There has been a big push globally for alternative transportation with the bike becoming very popular. There has been an investment in biking infrastructure to support this.

If you drive a vehicle chances are that you are expected to get a drivers license. Through this process you are taught the rules of the road, how to drive safely etc.

Most of us learn to ride a bike when we are kids and most often than not this is something that our parents teach us. Maybe some of us have not had a chance to ride a bike much in adult hood. The rules of the road have evolved significantly over the years and most of us don’t know how to share a bike lane with traffic. Both from the riders and drivers perspective.

There is no such thing as a bicycle license therefore …

  • how can someone learn to ride a bike
  • how can they learn the rules of the road as it pertains to bikers
  • how can someone bike safely in traffic
  • who do you call if you bike breaks down
  • how do you drive you car safely so as not to run over a biker
  • there are gas stations but where are the bike stations

These questions and more need to be addressed by communities in their own unique way through the sharing of information, partnering with various community organizations, schools, businesses and local events.

Pedal Play is the journey towards addressing some of these questions through creative community events.

Every year too many Ottawa area cyclists are injured, or tragically and needlessly killed on the road.

Contrary to what many motorists believe – the Ontario Highway Traffic Act (HTA) treats a cyclist as a driver of a vehicle and it is adherence to this principle that makes the HTA the best possible framework for protecting the safety of cyclists.

Cyclists are actually safest, when they act and are treated like vehicular traffic. Unfortunately however – many cyclists and motorist are not aware of this right to share the road – and sadly in a confrontational situation – it is the cyclist who invariably loses.

The purpose of the Pedal Play mobile bike rodeo is to educate cyclists and motorists in a fun interactive environment to increase safety awareness and better enable more effective and safer sharing of the road. All participants, regardless of their level of experience will go away with heightened situational awareness and confidence.

Attitudes and habits don’t change overnight – it took legislation (and the deterrent of fines to make us ‘buckle up’), however; with a focus on education and cooperation, we can collectively make a difference and prevent further needless fatalities.


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