Pedal Play - Kanata North 2016

Finalizing the route

The initial vision was for the route to involve places that people would visit on a regular basis i.e. schools and parks in the area. I noted this down and did a test run of the route. It seemed doable, however depending on the age of the participants it could be long. There would be stops along the way for people to participate in fun and interactive activities.

Some options were

  • multiple routes e.g. 5km, 10km and 15km. This posed a number of logistic challenges
  • end people out with a map to get there on their own

Julie and I rode the route on a sunny morning and took detailed notes and photos along the way of what wanted to do at each stop/station, the tricky zones and which community partner would go where. This took about 3 hours!!

Being the 1st event and not knowing the number of people attending, the ages etc. we thought that this would not be ideal.

Fast forward a few more weeks and I got to meet  another amazing person, Monna-Leigh McElveny. Psst, she is a CAN-bike instructor.

This time the three of us met at the Beaverbrook Community Center and rode a new and improved version of the route. It’s shorter than the initial one but definitely logical, informative, interactive and most of all fun!! Monna is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about bike safety. I certainly learned a lot in our morning together.

I look forward to working with Monna to further flush out the details of the activities while having bike safety at the forefront of our plans.

I was so busy taking notes that I forgot to take pictures!




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