Mobivelo is a mobile bicycle shop
Partners, Pedal Play - Kanata North 2016

Movibelo teaching ABC’s of biking

We are all about keeping things mobile with that in mind we are excited to announce that Mobivelo will be at Pedal Play – Kanata North.

Mobivelo logo


They will be on site to help you with the ABCs of biking.

Who are Mobivelo and what do Mobivelo do?

Mobivélo was created by a husband-and-wife team of bicycle fanatics. They understood that cyclists needed good, reliable and timely service.

“We’ve all had that day where we needed our bike worked on, but couldn’t get the bike to the shop during their opening hours – or that time when we wanted something installed on the bike but didn’t want to be away from it for several days.”

These are the problems they wanted to solve when they created Mobivélo


Mobivelo is a mobile bicycle shop

A picture is a thousand words isn’t it?

Ok if you didn’t get it, you book your service online, they will show up at your doorstep and fix your bike. You then have time to enjoy your ride. So come out on Oct. 1st to hear what they have to say.








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