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Monna’s Weekly Bike Safety Tip – New Road Markings: Sharrows and Bike Boxes

In case you haven’t seen them – there are new markings on the roads – Sharrows painted in white paint and Bike Boxes painted in green paint.

Sharrows are meant to indicate that the lane is to be shared. Bicycle position will depend on the width of the lane; either one meter from the curb (or cars) or in the middle (when the lane is narrow and you need to be in the middle of the lane).

Sharrow painted bike sign

Bike boxes indicate where you are to be positioned when turning right or going straight at a light.

Big box going straight

Do NOT use the bike box when turning left.

Big box when turning left

BE ESPECIALLY CAREFUL OF WHITE ROAD PAINT WHEN THE ROADS ARE WET – it is extremely slippery. The green paint seems to be ok.

Drivers be patient and Cyclist be predictable. This video demonstrates the safest way for drivers and cyclist to share the road.


1 thought on “Monna’s Weekly Bike Safety Tip – New Road Markings: Sharrows and Bike Boxes”

  1. I’m glad that you talked about being careful about riding over paint when it’s raining. I have just started biking to work everyday, and I think I am getting use to the road painting rules. I hadn’t thought about not riding on it in the rain though, I’ll have to be careful to not fall over.


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