Handlebar mirror
Monna's Weekly Bike Safety Tip

Monna’s Weekly Bike Safety Tip – Mirrors, Increased Awareness and Communication

I am often asked the pros and cons of helmet mounted / eyeglass rim mounted, mirrors vs handle bar mounted mirrors. I use both, and probably rely more on my helmet mounted mirror – but – it is really a matter of personal choice and comfort.

Helmet mirror - front view Helmet mirrow - sideview Handlebar mirror

What is however imperative in this conversation, is to NEVER forget the ‘shoulder check’, for several reasons

  • As in a vehicle – there are blind spots – and you absolutely need to verify (via a shoulder check), that it is indeed safe to move or change direction on your bike before doing so;
  • New electric powered vehicles are incredibly quiet, and we can no longer depend on the sound of a vehicle approaching; and, most important
  • The shoulder check is a visual movement that can be seen by motorists (or cyclists) behind you, which actually acts as a form of communication, that you are about to do something. Ideally, a motorist seeing a shoulder check, will slow down and be more alert to  you and what you are about to do.

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